Finding my opinion

I just always thought that by the time I’m in my 50’s, I would know what my opinion was on pretty much everything.  Well, I never actually thought I would live to be in my 50’s until I was around 45ish and realized that it may actually happen.  I’ve always expressed my opinions and was adamant about my convictions.  Now, I think I’ve just come to not care as much.  If I cannot decide what I really feel about something, I just opt to dismiss it, or them.  Sounds harsh, but I’m talking Facebook people, not actual friends.  Mostly over politics.  I think I’m still in a mild depression and barely emerging from my shock and dismay.  I am comforted by the thought that I am in the midst of another change in my life.  Another path that is waiting.  As long as I remember to stay in today and not try to formulate a “life plan” or something equally drastic, I am okay.  My daughter left for her freshman year in college last Fall and I started grad school.  I love all that I am learning but the pace is excruciating.  This blog will be my escape.  My journal.  I’m not making many meetings these days and need a place to visit with like-minded people.

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