Nearing the end…

Just a few more weeks and I will be about 9 hours shy of my Masters.  Unfortunately, I have contracted a severe case of the “fuckits” over the last 10 days.  I’m just exhausted.  Every assignment feels like a conspiracy.  Lol.  Which, I guess goes back to “I’m just exhausted”.  I’m looking forward to Spring Break in a couple of weeks, of course, but feel like I need to take a break before then to somehow rejuvenate.  One of my sponsees suggested that I practice some of that “self-care” I’m always recommending {simultaneous sigh + eye roll while resisting the urge to say “I know, I know”}.

An interesting new connection on LinkedIn was the highlight of my week.  I had to do a presentation on the Internet of Things for class and in my research, I came across the guy that originally coined the concept and the term back in 1985.  His name is Peter T. Lewis.  I found him on LinkedIn and extended an invitation to connect which he immediately accepted and event sent a nice note.  Among other things, he said that I have a “strategic education mix”… hmph.  So, there ya go.  I like how he put that and told him so.  It’s nice to meet nice people who do not mind just talking.  Like, sans the business-speak.  Kind of rare on LinkedIn. 😉

I’ve also started another “prepper” book series.  This is about the 5th one since the elections.  I’ve seen about 3 hours TOTAL of the news since 11:00p.m., November 8, 2016.  Probably 8 hours of Facebook.  Instead, I’ve built my audible collection and recently attained “Masters Level” listener status.  I think I can even get a badge or something – maybe I will now that I have my own site to post it. The series I’m listening to now is about an event that takes place in 2020.  Ironically, my IoT presentation opened with “there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020”.  I wonder if…  I’ll think about that later.

Goals:  Hamm radio license, finish grad school, overcome fuckits, buy guns to start up old hobby.

I used to love shooting.  My stepfather was an ex-Marine and we shot targets and cleaned guns and learned to ride horses as kids.  He was an amazing Dad.  When I moved to San Francisco, I left them behind, then, never got around to replacing later.  It’s past that time.

One thing about grad school that has really paid off:  I was looking for something that would keep me focused and grounded (read=distracted) when my daughter went off to college.  It worked!

Night all…

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