Stream of consciousness.

Ideally, I will be able to jump on here and write as if nobody will ever read my thoughts.  I will still go back and correct the errors (I always think of “the diary of Anne Frank” and how she never expected anyone to find her diary!).  I will strive not to strive for perfection!  Lol!  I will do my best to remember that this whole exercise in blogging on a regular basis is an attempt to find out if it works the same as journaling on a daily basis.  Does it help me sort and organize my thoughts resulting in serenity, clarity, and compassion towards myself and others?  The thing about journaling regularly is that I tend to always journal when I’m angry and do not write much at all when I’m simply grateful.  Fortunately, I’m not angry very often these days.  There it is!  I did not realize that until it was in front of me.  This is a good sign that the blog will work as well as a journal.  Wonderful!  Now, if I can just not get lost.

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