I have collections of quotes, pictures, books-to-read, movies-to-watch, empty plastic coffee containers, empty tiny jars, scraps of paper with favorite sayings, pictures that could be tossed and never missed, and so much more…  I cull through my belongings every couple of years and, sometimes, even throw out a few things.  I’m not a hoarder, it just takes me a minute to let something go for one of two reasons:  sentimental, or, good intentions (read “might need some day to do a craft”).

I have these huge used canvases that I have saved for, oh, gosh, about 5 years now.  Purpose:  to display my collection of favorite quotes I have collected over the years.  All summer, I have been thinking about doing this project.  Finally.  Now, I cannot figure out exactly how to start.  Initially, I thought I would diligently paint them onto the canvas in various colors and fonts.  Right.  Which is one reason I never started?  I’ve about decided to print them out and do a collage with a stick of glue or spray on adhesive.  I would like to hang it on the wall.  School starts in 10 days.

I am also thinking that this blog would be a good place for my collection/s.  You know, as a backup.  I’m at that point when time is flying too fast to the start date of my new year in school and I’m trying to dig in my heels and ignore it – hoping to just color in my adult coloring book for a little while longer…

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