Finding my opinion

I just always thought that by the time I’m in my 50’s, I would know what my opinion was on pretty much everything.  Well, I never actually thought I would live to be in my 50’s until I was around 45ish and realized that it may actually happen.  I’ve always expressed my opinions and was adamant about my convictions.  Now, I think I’ve just come to not care as much.  If I cannot decide what I really feel about something, I just opt to dismiss it, or them.  Sounds harsh, but I’m talking Facebook people, not actual friends.  Mostly over politics.  I think I’m still in a mild depression and barely emerging from my shock and dismay.  I am comforted by the thought that I am in the midst of another change in my life.  Another path that is waiting.  As long as I remember to stay in today and not try to formulate a “life plan” or something equally drastic, I am okay.  My daughter left for her freshman year in college last Fall and I started grad school.  I love all that I am learning but the pace is excruciating.  This blog will be my escape.  My journal.  I’m not making many meetings these days and need a place to visit with like-minded people.

First blog post

I need a place to bring all areas of my life together.

  • in recovery
    • sponsor
    • sponsee
  • a grad student for Master of Science in Business Information Systems
    • working as a GA
  • a daughter
  • a mother
  • a sister
  • living with Michael
  • board member of nonprofit doing fundraising & social media (recovery home)
  • political junkie
  • devotee (scholar level achieved, only 8 hours before Masters!)

So, yeah, I’m starting my own blog as a way to keep all of my diverse interests and life experiences in one place.  If you read my blog and get something helpful, please feel free to pass it on if you think it can help someone.  If you read it and disagree, you can certainly let me know, but I will not be responding until my schedule slows down.  I love to discuss, debate, disagree, fall in love, giggle, be silly, be somber…but school comes first right now.

Intellectual arrogance.  Yes, I have been accused of being afflicted.  I do not like that it’s true sometimes.  I will be actively seeking humility on here, to counteract the arrogance.

Welcome to my online journal.

Mary Diane